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The Starlost
The Starlost, a Canadian produced TV series, is widely considered to be the worst SF series ever to air on national television.  It didn't start off that way. Helmed by SF author Harlan Ellison with Ben Bova as the Scientific Advisor, The Starlost was supposed to be the next great SF series (after Star Trek). With A.E. Van Vogt, Frank Herbert, Ursula K. LeGuin, Philip K. Dick and Thomas M. Disch (among others) writing the stories, how could they go wrong? As it ended up, Harlan Ellison removed his name from the series using instead the pen name Cordwainer Bird, and only Ursula K. LeGuin's story making it into production. The series was cancelled after only 16 episodes. What happened? I'm not the one to ask but if you check out those links listed on the right, your questions may be answered. 

The regular cast of The Starlost; Devon, Rachel and Garth
The cast of The Starlost
Robin Ward (Garth) Gay Rowan (Rachel) Keir Dullea (Devon)


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The "Ark" of The Starlost

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