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Realms Magazine
Realms premiere issue - Oct/Nov 2000 Realms Vol 1/ No2 - Dec/Jan 2001 Realms Vol 1/No 3 - Feb/Mar 2001 Realms Vol 1/No 4 - Apr/May 2001
Realms Magazine began in July 1996 as an eight-page bi-weekly tabloid newspaper. It survived 50 issues and almost 2 years. After a two year hiatus, Realms returned as a national SF magazine. Realms featured articles on  science-fiction, fantasy and horror from "a distinctly Canadian point of view". It  also featured columns by internationally successful Canadian authors, Rob Sawyer and Ed Greenwood.

The first issue went on sale  September 14, 2000 as "the first and only bimonthly mainstream publication of its kind in the country." Issue #4 went to glossy pages inside and was the first issue available across the U.S. through the big chains (Borders, Barnes & Noble, etc.).

Editors Note: Realms Ceased Production in 2001 with issue #5 as its final issue. The links to the right are no longer active. 

Realms Vol. 1 #5 - June/July 2001 - Final Issue

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