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Jean-Pierre Normand 
Some of  Jean-Pierre's cover art
Cover art for La Mer au fond du monde by Joel Champetier Cover Art for "Aller simple pour Saguenal" by Jean-Louis Trudel Tesseracts Q Cover art for On Spec, Winter 1999

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Jean-Pierre Normand was born in Quebec City, Quebec in 1958 and has lived  in Montreal since 1983. His artwork has appeared on the covers of Science Fiction Chronicle, On Spec, Tesseracts Q, and Elizabeth Vonarburg's  Reluctant Voyager. He also has done all the artwork for Julie E. Czerneda's  Tales From The Wonder Zone series. Jean-Pierre has won the Prix Aurora Award  for Artistic Achievement in 1996, 97, 98 and 99.

Some of Jean-Pierre's work appears in the Eddie Murphy Sci-Fi comedy, Pluto Nash. Because of his experience in SF illustration, he was hired to do modifications of the look of some the sets and give ideas for some exterior lunar construction. Click the links below for some samples of his work on Pluto Nash.

Pre-production images from Pluto Nash

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