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Earth: Final Conflict
Earth: Final Conflict was created by Gene Roddenberry in about 1977. It tells of a race of Aliens (Taelons) that come to Earth. They seem to only have peaceful intentions and help humans solve many problems like war, famine and disease.  After being on Earth for 3 years, some humans have become suspicious of the Taelons believing they've deceived humanity and are on Earth for some dangerous, unknown purpose. They form a resistance and try to find out the real motives of the Taelons.

Earth: Final Conflict is filmed in Canada and has a lead cast of seven Canadians with an eighth joining the cast for season 4. They include  Jayne Heitmeyer, Lisa Howard, Leni Parker, Anita La Selva, Von Flores, Richard Chevolleau, David Hemblen and, starting this fall, Melinda Deines. 

Earth: Final Conflict season 3 cast.
Earth Final Conflict Cast
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