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Aurora Award Winners

Aurora winning Authors

Best Long-Form Work in English

A Judgement Of Dragons


1982 - Phyllis Gotlieb
A Judgment of Dragons
Published by Berkley in 1980

1985 - Eileen Kernaghan
Songs from the Drowned Lands
Published by Ace in 1983
Original Cover Art by Barclay Shaw
Songs From the Drowned Lands

The Wandering Fire The Fionavar Tapestry: Includes The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road


1987 - Guy Gavriel Kay
The Wandering Fire
Published by Arbor House in 1986

1988 - Charles de Lint
Jack the Giant Killer
Published by Ace in 1987
Jack of Kinrowan: Includes Aurora winner Jack the Giant Killer Jack The Giant Killer Jack The Giant Killer: Ace Cover

1989 - William Gibson
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Published by Bantam-Spectra in 1988

1990 - Dave Duncan
West of January
Published by Bantam Del Ray in 1989
West Of January

1991 - Guy Gavriel Kay
Published by Penguin in July 1990

1992 - Robert J. Sawyer
Golden Fleece
Published by Popular Library Questar in 1990
Goden Fleece: trade paperback cover Golden Fleece: Original Cover

Passion Play: Ace cover Passion Play
1993 - Sean Stewart
Passion Play
Published by Beach Holme/Tesseract in 1992

1994 - Sean Stewart
Nobody's Son
Published by Maxwell Macmillan Canada in 1993
Nobody's Son: original cover Nobody's Son: trade paperback cover

Virtual Light
1995 - William Gibson
Virtual Light 
Published by Bantam-Spectra in 1993

1996 - Robert J. Sawyer
The Terminal Experiment
Published by Harper-Prism in 1995
The Terminal Experiment

1997 - Robert J. Sawyer
Published by Ace in 1996

1998 - Candas Jane Dorsey
Black Wine
Published by Tor in 1998
Black Wine

1999 - Robert Charles Wilson
Published by Tor in 1998

2000 - Robert J. Sawyer 
Published by Tor in 1999
Flashforward by Robert J. Sawyer - WINNER

2001 -Eileen Kernaghan
The Snow Queen
Published by Thistledown Press in 2000

2002 - Julie E. Czerneda 
In the Company of Others
Published by DAW in 2001

Cover art by Alan Pollack

2003 - Karl Schroeder 
Published by Tor in 2002

2004 - Robert Charles Wilson
Blind Lake
Published by Tor in 2003

Blind Lake


2005 - Edo van Belkom
Wolf Pack
Published by Tundra Books in 2004

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