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Ellen as Giggerota with Barry Bostwick as Thodin in Lexx 1.01: I Worship His Shadow

Another shot of Giggerota and Thodin

Ellen poses as Giggerota

Giggerota on the slab, waiting for her judgement.

Giggerota Tied up on the Lexx

Giggerota and Stanley Tweedle (played by Brian Downey)

A quiet moment on board the Lexx

Giggerota and Xev (Played by Xenia Seeberg) **

Giggerota on the Lexx

Exclusive picture of Ellen as G. G. Rota in Lexx season 4 episode, Stan Down. **

Watch this spot for an exclusive behind the scenes picture of 
Ellen Dubin as

the Pope!

Coming soon!

Ellen as the "Queen of Girltown" in episode 3-11, Girltown.

Another shot of Ellen as Queen.

All images courtesy Salter Street Films except ** which are courtesy Wanstrom & Assoc.
Images are copyrighted. Do not use them without written permission.

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