Andrew Jackson
Press Resume


Height: 6’2˝"
Weight: 235 Ibs. 

Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue


FEATURE FILMS  (Selected):
EDISON Ives David J. Burke/Millennium Pics.
MY FATHER IS AN ACTOR (Independent) Starring Sara McIntyre/Crazy 8’s
CONCEPTION (Independent) Starring Kryshan Randel/Finn Prods.
SCOOBY DOO 2: Monsters Unleashed Road Rage Man Raja Gosnell/Warner Bros.
THE SEA (Independent) George Paradiso 2 Prod./ Eduardo Arnal
All I WANT aka Try Seventeen Lead / Guy Millennium Films / Jeff Porter
FADE TO BLACK (Independent) Lead / Klein Herbal T. Prod. / Lincoln Thorne
HELD UP   Swat Team Leader / Billy Trimark Pictures / Steve Rash
JOHN WOO’S BLACKJACK   Lead / Don Tragle Alliance / John Woo
BRAM STOKER’S SHADOWBUILDER   Starring  / "The Shadowbuilder" Applecreek Comm. / Jamie Dixon
SPECIMEN  Lead / Sixty-six  Combustion Films / John Bradshaw
STATE PARK   Lead / Corky  ITC Productions / Kerry Feldman / Rafal Zielinski

DEADLY BETRAYAL Starring Jason Hreno/Hearst Ent./Lifetime Network
WE’LL MEET AGAIN (M.O.W.) Co-starring / Nick Whitehall PAX Network / Michael Storey
SCARED SILENT (M.O.W.) Co-starring / John McCrane Lifetime / VSZ Films / Mike Robe
TAKEN (Miniseries) Buddy Parker SciFi Channel/Dream Works TV/Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
MY BROTHER’S KEEPER Supporting Lead John Badham/USA Network/New Line
MILLENNIUM MAN (Pilot)  Starring Roles / Adam / Adaman/ Adam II Glen Larson Group / Paramount Pictures / Bradford May
CATCH A FALLING STAR  Support / Ryan Steele CBS / Robert Clarke
MARIO PUZO’S THE LAST DON II (Mini Series)   Lead / Dirk Von Schelburg CBS / Graeme Clifford
UNIVERSAL SOLDIER II : BROTHERS IN ARMS (pilot) GR 13 / Sergeant Andrew Scott  Catalyst Ent. / Jeff Woolnough
THE JOE TORRE STORY Paul O’Neil  Showtime / Sturla Gunnarsson
BREACH OF FAITH: Family of Cops II Lead David Greene/CBS/Alliance
TWISTS OF TERROR Lead Doug Jackson/Showtime
BERMUDA GRACE (pilot)  Guest Star  NBC / Paramount Tropical Pictures / Mark Sobel
PEEPING TOM (pilot)   Mr. Battering Ram Global Prods. / Ha! Comedy Network / Jim McKenna
THE COMEDY OF ERRORS  Balthazar  CBC / N. Campbell

EPISODICS (Selected):
LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Guest Lead/Recurring Various/ABC TV/ Touchstone
THE COLLECTOR Guest Lead/Recurring Various/CHUM International
*ANDROMEDA Guest Lead/Recurring Various/Andromeda Prod./Fireworks/BLT
SUE THOMAS: F.B. EYE Guest Lead/Recurring Various/PAX TV
DOC Guest Lead Don McCutcheon/PAX TV
SMALLVILLE Ray Wallace WB Network / Steve Miner
COLD SQUAD Jeff Hawkins CTV / Alliance/Atlantis / Peter Mitchell
LOS LUCHADORES   Guest Star / Gniknod Fox / Shavick Ent. / Craig Pryce
FIRST WAVE   Guest Star / Davis Vidratron / Sugar Ent. / Rob LaBelle
STARGATE SG-1   Guest Star / Per’sus MGM / Martin Wood
BEGGARS & CHOOSERS   Guest Star / Richard Ellis Showtime / Dufferin Gate / Anne Wheeler
BIG WOLF ON CAMPUS  Guest Star / Boris Fox Family / Telescene / Jim Kaufman
WIND AT MY BACK (5th Season) Series Lead Various/Sullivan Ent./Hallmark/CBC
PETER BENCHLEY’S AMAZON (pilot)  Colonel Miller CTV / Alliance Atlantis / Jon Cassar
CHARMED  "That 70’s Episode" Guest Star / Nicholas Spelling / Warner Brothers / Richard Compton
HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN   Guest Star Firecorp Prods. / Rene Bonniere
EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT   Guest Star / Recurring/ The Jaridian Alliance Atlantis / William S. Gereghty / John Stead
ARLI$$ Guest Star / Luc Cassoulet HBO / Robert Wuhl
FAST TRACK  Tucker Ricks Showtimc / TMN / Rene Bonniere
Guest Star / The Dynamite Kid CBC / Sullivan Ent. / Odyssey Network  / Stefan Scaini
PSI FACTOR  Frank Atlantis / John Bell
DUE SOUTH Guest Star / Hogan Alliance / Richard Lewis
ROAD TO AVONLEA Goliath CBC / Disney / Allan King
LONESOME DOVE Acton Canadian Dove Prods. / Don Shebib
FAMILY PASSIONS Series Lead Various/ Jorn Winther Prods.
**THE HIGHLANDER "The Darkness" Guest Star / PallinWolf  Filmline International / Paulo Barzman
ALL MY CHILDREN Series Lead Various/ABC
***FRIDAY THE 13th SERIES "Carnal Pit"   General Lafayette Triumph Entertainment / A. Mastroianni
*Andromeda Episode "Double or Nothingness" Winner of 2 Gold Plaque Hugo Awards (International Chicago Film Festival) 
1 Remi Award (Houston International Film Festival) - 2004
** Rated Most Popular Episode of the Season
*** Rated Most Popular Episode of the Series

HOMEWARD BOUND Nick Neptune Theatre / Mary Vingoe
BEATRICE AND BENNEDICT (Canadian Opera Co.) The Messenger / 1st Soldier Hummingbird Centre / Robin Phillips
CYRANO DE BERGERAC Christian  Theatre Calgary / MTC / NAC / Brian Rintoul
CAESAR & CLEOPATRA Appolodorus Citadel / Robin Phillips
****CYRANO DE BERGERAC Christian Citadel / Robin Phillips
JULIUS CAESAR Octavious Caesar Stratford Festival / Richard Monette
THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Slender Stratford Festival / B.Hopkins
LOVE FOR LOVE The Servant / u/s / Scandal Stratford Festival / NAC / D. William
TITUS ANDRONICUS Chiron Stratford Festival / Jeanette Lambermont
THE COMEDY OF ERRORS Balthazar  Stratford Festival / Richard Monette
THE SHOEMAKER’S HOLIDAY Aschew / u/s Lacey Stratford Festival / D. William
THE MERCHANT OF VENICE Prince of Arragon Stratford Festival / Michael Langham
MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL The Messenger Stratford Festival / D. William
THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA  Outlaw / u/s / Valentine Stratford Festival / NAC / Detroit Music Hall / R. Beard
THE THREE MUSKETEERS Various Roles Stratford Festival / R. Ouzounian
GOOSE SPIT Ed G.C.T.C. / Patrick McDonald
*****TROILUS AND CRESSIDA  Aneas / u/s / Ullyses Stratford Festival / D. William
THE CHERRY ORCHARD  u/s/ Yasha Stratford Festival / John Wood
INTIMATE ADMIRATION The Actor  Stratford Festival / John Wood
NORA (The Doll’s House) u/s / Krogstad Stratford Festival / Brian Rintoul
PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Wickham Royal Alexandra / B. Pryde
MACBETH Lennox / u/s / Malcolm Skylight Theatre / Lewis Baumander
AS IS Chet  T.F.T. / Shaw Festival / NAC / M. Bard
THE MISANTHROPE Clitandre The Banff Centre / B. Hopkins
THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT Singer / Dancer Canterbury Theatre / Danute Miskinis

****Sterling Award for Best Production 1994 for CYRANO DE BERGERAC
*****Recipient of the Jean A. Chalmers Award for Stratford 1987 Season for "Most Promising Newcomer"

Extensive Voice Resume available upon request
Drama, Comedy, Press, Commercial Voice and Animation available upon request
Various Head Shots available on IMDb - Andrew Jackson (II) Web Link:
Listing of Publicity available on IMDb - Andrew Jackson (II) Web Link:

National Theatre School, 
Banff School of Fine Arts (Master Class aka Young Professional’s Program), 
McMaster University (B.A. English), 
C.A.S.T. (Tom Diamond); York University (Performance)

Character & Animation Voices / Accents: Russian, Irish, German, Scandinavian, French Canadian, US Southern, US Midwest, Brooklyn & Nova Scotia – Canadian / Trumpet (Grade 4 Toronto Conservatory) / Piano (Grade 4 Toronto Conservatory) / Singing – Bass Baritone / Synthesizer / Sketch Artist / Horseback Riding / Driving – Standard & Auto. / Experience Driving Antique Motor Cars / Hockey / Ice Skating / Weight Training / Experience with Fire Arms / Certified P.A.D.I. Scuba Diver / Broadswords / Fencing / Stage Combat & Extensive On Camera Fight Experience / Favourite Impersonation – Jack Nicholson

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