Andrew Jackson was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of an armed forces padre and a high school music teacher, and spent his childhood in various parts of Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia. The 6' 2 ˝" actor’s leading man looks tend to defy the character roles he often portrays. He is a versatile actor who has worked extensively in television, film, and theatre.

Andrew spent four years at Canada’s prestigious Stratford Festival (1987-1990). Following his first season, he was presented with the Jean A. Chalmers Award for most promising newcomer. During Stratford’s off- season in 1987, he received rave reviews for his performance in "Goosespit" - Great Canadian Theatre Company in OOttawa.

In 1991 Andrew landed a contract role as "Dr. Stephen Hamill" on ABC’s "All My Children". After an enjoyable taste of New York City life, Andrew flew to Bermuda in 1993 to play his first on camera villain in the television pilot "Bermuda Grace" for NBC. He later headed off to Vancouver to guest star as a psychopathic villain on the "Highlander" series (Filmline International).

In 1994 Andrew co-starred as "Christian" with Tony Award winner Brent Carver (Kiss of the Spiderwoman) in Robin Phillips Sterling Award winning production of "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the Citadel Theatre. The production broke all box office records. The Edmonton Sun called it "the kind of world class performance we don’t see very often in Edmonton and should not be missed". Andrew later revisited the Citadel as "Apporodorus" in Shaw’s "Caesar and Cleopatra".

In 1995 Andrew proceeded to do a series of episodics, stage, and film work. The following year he was cast in the title role as "Bram Stroker’s Shadowbuilder" (feature, Applecreek Productions). He later turned in a startling performance as the Russian mafia, priest killer "Boris Kalichoff" in the CBS MOW "Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II". After playing a series of dark characters, he guest starred as the "Dynamite Kid" in the "Wind at My Back" episode "The Champ" (Sullivan Entertainment). The episode was rated the most popular of the season.

Andrew spent 1997 performing in an opera, "Beatrice & Benedict", at the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto before playing a series of athletes for television including "Paul O’Neill" in "The Joe Torre Story".

In 1998 Andrew played the lead character "Dirk Von Schelburg" in Mario Puzo’s "The Last Don II" miniseries for CBS. As a result of his performance, Robert Wuhl hired Andrew to play a French Canadian hockey player in the HBO comedy series "Arli$$". After a series of comedy roles, Andrew gained recognition from the sci-fi world, playing the original "Jaridian" on "Gene Roddenberry’s Earth: Final Conflict" (Alliance-Atlantis).

In 1999 Andrew flew to LA to guest star as an evil warlock on Aaron Spelling’s "Charmed". He returned to Canada and landed a series lead in the fifth season of "Wind at My Back" as an entirely new character, "Vanaver Mainwairing". Andrew had the pleasure of filming opposite Sela Ward in the CBS MOW "To Catch A Falling Star" before heading to San Diego to star as three separate characters in Glen Larson’s TV pilot "Millennium Man" (Paramount). He completed the year in Montreal, guest starring as a Russian villain in the Fox Family comedy "Big Wolf on Campus".

In 2000 Andrew broke into the commercial voice world and completed over 60 Voice Jobs, guest starred in "Beggars & Choosers", "Stargate", "First Wave", and played a one-eyed extraterrestrial fight promoter named "GNIKNOD" (Don King backwards) in the Fox (Kids) comedy "Los Luchadores".

In 2001 Andrew returned to the stage in Homeward Bound at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax, N.S., appeared opposite Jeanne Tripplehorne in My Brother’s Keeper and was featured in Spielberg’s miniseries Taken.

In 2002 Andrew landed a co-starring role as a church going / sheriff’s deputy / serial rapist in Scared Silent (Lifetime Network). This powerful film starred Penelope Anne Miller. He later played a humourous hick son to Ma Bailey (Debra Harry aka Blondie), in All I Want aka Try Seventeen starring Elijah Wood. After continuous work, he finished the year starring opposite Nicolette Sheridan in Deadly Betrayal.

In 2003 Andrew guest starred on 5 separate series and was granted three recurring roles on three of those shows. His Andromeda episode, Double or Nothingness, was awarded 2 Gold Plaque Hugo’s and 1 Remi Award.

In 2004 Andrew continued his recurring role on The Collector (CHUM International); landed a recurring role on ABC’s Life As We Know It; had a supporting lead in the CBS mini-series Category 6: Day of Destruction and shot 17 days on the feature film Edison, starring Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman & Justin Timberlake.

Andrew is presently based in New York City & Vancouver.

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