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Spider Robinson
Callahans Crosstime Saloon The Callahan Chronicals User Friendly Deathkiller - includes Time Pressure and Mindkiller The Star Dancers
Spider Robinson was born in the U.S. in 1948. He moved to Canada in 1973. He has won the coveted Hugo Award 3 times. One in 1977 for his Novella By Any Other Name. One in 1978 for his novella Stardance, which was co-written by his wife Jeanne Robinson. His third was in 1983 for his short story Melancholy Elephants. Stardance also won a Nebula award in 1977 and was later expanded into a novel by the same name. 

Spider's Callahan stories have spawned quite an extensive cult following. They are comprised in the collections  Callahan's Crosstime Saloon,  Time Travelers Strictly Cash, Callahan's Secret, Callahan's Lady, Lady Slings the Booze, The Callahan Touch, Callahan's Legacy, Callahan's Key, and Callahan's Con

Spider also has quite a few novels published. They include the Stardance series (Stardance, Starseed, Starmind and The Star Dancers), The Deathkiller series (Lifehouse, Time Pressure and Mindkiller) and numerous stand alone novels and collections. His latest release is called Callahan's Con.

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