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JoŽl Champetier
The Dragons Eye La Taupe et la Dragon La Peau Blanche

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JoŽl Champetier was born in Lacorne Quebec in 1957. He has won numerous Awards for his writing including 2 Prix Auroras and 5 Prix Boreals His 1991 Aurora nominated novel,  La Taupe et la Dragon, has recently  been released in an English translation under the title The Dragons Eye. Three of JoŽl's short stories have also been translated into English. They are "Soluble-Fish" (from Tesseract2 and reprinted in Northern Stars), "The Winds of Time", and "Heart of Iron" (both from Tesseracts Q). JoŽl's novel, The Dragons Eye is now available in trade paperback.

JoŽl is currently the editor of Solaris which is Quebec's premiere SF magazine.  Incidentally, Solaris has won 3 Prix Auroras with  JoŽl as editor.

JoŽl co-wrote a screenplay of his 1997 novel La Peau blanche. Filming was recently completed and it is now in post production. For more detail on this, read JoŽl's essay _La Peau blanche_ An Adaptation.

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The Dragons Eye
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